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The Bridges - Unconditional

Please don’t go if I’m being unconditional 
And I was meant to hold you
Please don’t hold me up to the competition
Oh, when I was meant to breathe your air in (your air in, your air in…)

Your minute exceptions are holding me back
I’m alone for your give and take
And time has a right but you’re losing your sight and calling it our mistake
I’m taking a chance and I’m taking what’s left of a love that I’ve learned to lose
I’ll give you my heart and I’ll give you my time
But I’m begging you not to choose
You and I had more to say today
Maybe there’s a better way to cross your mind, baby

  • Track: Unconditional
  • Artist: The Bridges
  • Album: Limits of the Sky
  • Plays: 59
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    The Bridges - Unconditional
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